Transportation finance, served straight up or on the rocks
Transportini is a podcast that explains transportation economics, one drink at a time. We bring expert economists together with expert bartending to make the wild world of transportation finance palatable to the masses.

It's the newest project from podcast producer & transportation wonk Lillian Karabaic and IndieWebCamp co-founder Aaron Parecki. All drinks are envisioned, mixed, and poured by our resident bartender Estanislado Orona.

Episode 1: The Tax to Replace the Gas Tax

  •   12m 40s / 17.43mb
The gas tax hasn't been keeping up with inflation for years. But scientists and governments have experimented with a tax that charges you based on how much you drive instead of how much gas you buy. What is it? And what sort of drink best represents it?


Estanislado Orona, Resident Bartender

Estanislado is the Bar Manager at Raven & Rose under director Dave Shenaut. He has spent the last decade behind bars, miraculously managing to survive a short stint in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel, has worked for the Ritz-Carlton and celebrity chef Michael Minna, of San Francisco fame. Having used a majority of his 9 lives and Get-out-of-jail-free cards on two wheeled vehicles, finds them more beautiful and fascinating with every passing day… His one true love.

His favorite cocktail: Manhattan (Perfection in simplicity).

Aaron Parecki, Chief Audio & Margarita Engineer

Aaron Parecki is CTO of the Esri Portland R&D Center, and the co-founder of IndieWebCamp. He is known for having tracked his location at 5 second intervals since 2008, and for co-founding Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri in 2012. He likes cats, mimosas, margaritas, and recording complete datasets without knowing what he's going to do with them later.

His favorite cocktail: New Vieux.

Lillian Karabaic, Producer & Chief Whiskey Officer

Lillian is a massive transportation wonk with a background in economics book-learning, city committee-sitting, and bicycle advocacy. Her day job is at the Community Cycling Center and she's also the producer for the podcast.

Her favorite cocktail: Anything with bourbon.

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